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My Girlfriend is Asai Ami by Saya Suzuki

Asai Ami and her father, Yuki-Onno, are a couple of ordinary Japanese couples living in the quiet little town of Uji on the Sea of Japan. When the family gets to know each other better, Asai is immediately attracted to his wife and becomes the love of her life.

One day, they are attacked by a vampire, Matsuo Utsuro, who is trying to find a vampire victim to feed off of. Matsuo gets away with killing the couple’s daughter and Asai’s mother, but when Asai is saved by Matsuo’s friend Saya, she decides to take Matsuo to meet her husband.

When Asai tells Saya that she would like to marry Matsuo, her mother tells Saya that she can’t allow the relationship because it will ruin the family name. Saya doesn’t know what to do, so she tries to prevent the relationship. But Asai isn’t about to give up until she realizes that she loves Matsuo.

So Asai and Matsuo get married in the shrine of the Shintoki clan. They have seven children, of whom three are born to Matsuo and Asai while the other three are born to Yuki-Onno. Asai decides to keep Matsuo as a servant. Matsuo accepts this, but eventually falls in love with Asai and decides to become a samurai.

However, Asai is determined not to let the family name is ruined because she loves Matsuo. She vows that she will not allow anyone to hurt Matsuo and will protect her.

In order to protect Matsuo, Asai Ami and Matsuo work together in order to defeat the vampires that attack the Shintoki clan and to protect Matsuo’s own family. Matsuo is also a very caring and loving husband. Asai Ami is the main love interest for Yuki-Onno, the heir apparent to the Shintoki clan.

Yuki-Onno is the one that Asai Ami really falls in love with. He is so caring and loving that he and Asai can go months without talking. They talk about all kinds of things, but they never talk about love.

After Matsuo is killed by Saya, Yuki-Onno tells Asai and his family about Matsuo’s death. Then Asai decides that he has had enough of his father’s cruelty and vows that if Matsuo ever comes back into his life, he’ll kill him. Because of this, Asai kills his father and takes on the name Asai.

After this, Asai Ami begins to rebuild the clan’s reputation, and then becomes a powerful samurai. He takes care of his wife, Matsuo, the clan’s daughter, and their son.

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