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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What a great character Toda Makoto has become. I remember when he played the lead in the first movie of Samurai Champloo and his acting was spectacular. He didn’t just seem to be having fun, he was actually having fun with it.

The other main character in Samurai Champloo was Natsume Sato. Sato was a very interesting character, because he was quite the mystery. He didn’t have a lot of depth as a character. But he did play a very important role, so much so that I felt for the character. That is why I am so impressed with the way Toda Makoto plays this character.

As I mentioned, Natsume had a lot of depth. I’m not talking about how deep he was as a character, but more in the sense that he was an interesting character to watch. I liked the relationship he had with the boy called Hiryu. At one point they were so close that Natsume was like a family man to Hiryu. That’s just something that you don’t see every day.

I also liked the relationship between Toda and Natsume. They were friends, and that friendship lasted through the whole series of Samurai Champloo. It seems like they would be good friends, but they had different points of view and views on things and that’s what made their friendship work.

In Samurai Champloo, it seemed like Natsume was a little bit more the central character than Toda was in the other anime that came out after it. That was something that I liked about it.

All in all, Samurai Champloo was a great anime for Toda to play because it was a great show and it made me think. So I am glad that he is playing the role of such a great character and I am even glad that I watched Samurai Champloo all the way through in order to experience the full journey.

I know that Toda has been playing more anime characters since then. In fact, I would say that Toda Makoto is probably one of my favorites. His acting talent and his character development are two of the best things about him that I like.

Even though Samurai Champloo was a great anime, I don’t think that it would ever reach the heights that Toda Makoto has reached. Maybe if he took the Samurai Seven or Samurai Champloo route instead.

If you want to check out Samurai Champloo, I highly recommend doing that. It’s one of the better shows out there. And if you want to see Toda Makoto, I highly recommend that too. Just make sure to catch up with the show before you do.

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