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Naughty 0930 by Naughty Boy Films

The Naughty Boys: Sex, Lies and Videotape is a documentary film that shows the “Naughty Boys” from the vantage point of an outside observer. In other words, this film attempts to give an unbiased look at pornography. In the end, the filmmakers found a commonality among porn stars, including James Deen, Dakota Skye, and Justin Timberlake, and all these guys have similar goals in their porn careers.

The Naughty Boys tells the story of one of America’s most popular porn stars, Dakota Skye. The movie is set in the late eighties and Dakota Skye is one of America’s most famous porn actresses. She has shot some of the most provocative and erotic films ever made and has been featured on the covers of Penthouse and other magazines. But in order for her to become famous, she had to endure many hardships.

Dakota Skye grew up in Texas and had to face many problems as a result. As she told the producers of the film, “I used to have a very bad relationship with drugs, and I would smoke marijuana and get drunk every night. And that was my only form of entertainment, just to get away from everything that was going on in my family.” It was these personal struggles and the stressors of growing up, which motivated her to pursue a career as an adult film star. “I felt that if I didn’t do something about myself, then my family would suffer.” This attitude was instrumental in her success as a porn actress.

Once she became a porn performer, she quickly learned that there were no guarantees when it came to success in the video industry. “It was a real tough industry to enter, and you had to know how to market yourself and how to get work. That’s how I met many people in the industry.”

Dakota Skye soon learned that sex sells in the video industry. This fact became extremely important to her because she realized that she would have to promote her skills in order to earn enough money to support herself and her family. “Sex sells,” she said, “and the more sex you show, the better off you’ll be in the industry. Because you’ve got to know how to sell your skills to get work, and also know what kind of sex sells and doesn’t sell.

The filmmakers of Naughty 0930 did a great job covering a variety of topics relating to the adult video production industry. It is one of those rare documentaries that will make you think, “Wow!”

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