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“Sucubus Prison” Review

The Succubus prison is a Japanese horror manga series written and illustrated by Katsuhiro Otomo. The series features a new character named Miroku who becomes one of the main characters. This is the third major volume of this manga series.

Miroku is a normal teenager in the early part of high school. One day he goes to a local shopping mall and meets the beautiful woman, Mariko. He becomes instantly infatuated with her and decides to commit himself to her. She becomes suspicious of him and begins stalking him from his home.

Miroku decides to confront Mariko about the strange things that she is feeling. However, before he can do that, he finds out that Mariko is a Succubus. She can turn into a full fledged demon and Miroku has to learn how to control her. Miroku has to learn how to deal with being a normal teen, while being a demon himself.

Miroku discovers that he has powers such as being able to control animals and also having the ability to see ghosts. Because of his powers he is sent to Succubus prison by an unknown person.

Miroku is allowed to stay in the prison for two years, but he is forced to help a certain someone in order to get out. Once he has helped him, he is given a chance to return to society.

Miroku has to continue the struggle against evil. If he doesn’t, he will become a slave and have to live in a world where he is nothing more than a commodity. He also has to contend with the fact that he may be unable to see or interact with the real world.

When Miroku was first introduced, he was a simple teenage boy who enjoyed playing soccer. As the series progresses, his situation changes. As a result, Miroku develops and becomes much more realistic.

The main plot of the manga revolves around Miroku’s struggle against evil and his interactions with the demons that he has to face. The series also covers other topics such as love, relationships and betrayal.

The series is written by an award winning author, which makes it a great read for those interested in fantasy and horror. It’s a good story that can appeal to both adults and children. The story is written in a modern Japanese style.

The author has put out a spin off called “Breath of the Gods” that involves original artwork. I am not sure if you will like that one, though.

If you like anime and fantasy then I suggest checking out “Sucubus Prison.” You will enjoy it. Check it out!

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