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Loose Socks – Wear Something Different

Loose socks are now a very popular fashion style, worn by many Japanese high school girls as well as American college students and teenagers who are fans of Japanese manga and anime. In Japan, this style of sock is also known as shiranai, literally translated as “leisure sock.” This type of socks comes in a wide variety of styles: flat-toed, ankle-less, and even high-top.

In this traditional shiranai style, the length of the sock is cut down to the ankle and is then dyed black. It usually has a lace trim on both the front and back of the sock, with an open back. This style is often seen worn with kimonos, or similar Japanese clothing items. The flat-toed variety, also called tsukubai, is another variation of this style, where the toe has a pointed tip that is usually shorter than the rest of the foot.

The high-top variety, also known as teriyaki, is characterized by a short sock at the top, with a full sock at the bottom. The upper part of the sock is made of thick material, while the bottom part is mostly made of cotton. This type of sock can be worn on different occasions, like for work or when going to a ballgame. Many young people also wear them while dancing at the local club, especially when wearing their favorite hip-hop or pop-style band’s shirts. Some teenagers also choose to wear these socks with long pants, such as karate uniforms. These are often made with thick fabric or faux leather, and they have small straps that hold the fabric.

These types of socks have gained popularity in the Western world, as well, and they are now being considered hip-hop style rather than the traditional Japanese fashion. The biggest trend in this style is that a pair of socks with a high top and a low bottom is more popular than a pair of socks with a high top and a high bottom and no bottom. This has been dubbed as the “street sock.” Many of the large department stores in America, such as Macy’s, have a variety of these types of women’s socks for sale.

Other western countries like Spain and Italy have also adopted this style, but it is mostly worn only in Europe and America. In the former country, the high-top version is more popular than the high-toed version.

In the western society, the term “leisure sock” refers to those that can be worn casually, while the term “shiranai” means “loose” in Japanese. In Japan, the word for “leisure sock” is the same as the word for “sock.” For most people, “loose” is not a synonym for “sock”shirt,” because they also consider themselves to be a part of society or have a social status.

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