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Maria Sano – Italian Kitchen Chef

Maria Sano is an Italian chef who started out as a pastry chef in New York City. When she was just 16 years old, Maria had to leave her position because of the recession and moved to Paris. She was able to get to work at the time of the World War II however the city was bombed out and she was unable to go back to work.

After the war, Maria took up cooking again and began learning about culinary arts from her friends. She then opened up her own restaurant where she served pasta, pastries and other food items. She even went on to cook other dishes besides her pasta and pastries.

She wanted to create a kitchen counter where you could sit down with your meal, relax with your drink and watch television while you ate your food. Her idea was to open a hotel like restaurant where people would come to dine out.

To start her hotel restaurant, Maria had to get the approval of the city government. She started by asking for a certificate of occupancy and began to put up tables in various restaurants. The next step was to apply for a concession permit so that she could serve her pasta, pastries and other food items. She got all these things approved but the one thing that remained a problem was getting the permit for the hotel itself. She didn’t have any experience in this area so the city official decided to hire an architect.

Mr. Sano was told by the architect that it was impossible for him to build the hotel at the specified location. He was told by the architect that he had to pay the designer the extra fee for his efforts and get the hotel building permit. But Maria did not want to pay the designer for his services and so she left the project without it.

Maria Sano was forced to move on because of her lack of experience in this field. After her first restaurant failed, she decided to get into baking but after another failed, she had to give up baking altogether. After that, Maria decided to focus on her cooking but after another failure, she decided to try something different but her third attempt was a complete disaster and then she decided to try to start her own restaurant in Italy.

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