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Crossdresser Erotica by Jennifer Gevirtz

The hottest new release by crossdressing expert Jennifer Gevirtz is “Crossdresser Erotica.” It’s been out of the closet for two years now and still has a devoted following. This is an erotic novel that’s not a series of short stories or one shot chapters, but a full blown, exciting book series that’s sure to satisfy even the pickiest of crossdressers. You’ll have your fill of crossdressing action from the start of the story up to the end. The sex scenes are hotter than ever!

I love this book because of the great action. It’s hotter than it’s ever been. In fact, I’m thinking I’ve read about fifty crossdressing erotica novels, and “Crossdresser Erotica” just doesn’t measure up. The hot crossdresser erotic novels out there these days are a dime a dozen. But not all of them can compare to the steamy and sexy action you find in “Crossdresser Erotica.” Now, that’s what I call quality over quantity.

If you haven’t checked out “Crossdresser Erotica,” now’s the time to go and check it out. I guarantee you’ll be hooked! I was hooked before I read this novel! As the writer, Gevirtz is a true expert at writing sexy and naughty sex scenes. And she does it with humor, flair and gusto. It’s just like she wrote the story, which is great. The characters are well developed, with a few minor flaws, but you wouldn’t even know they were there.

If you’re a fan of fantasy stories, you’ll be right at home here. From the very beginning you get a taste for what you can expect when reading about crossdressers. Things like being forced into a sexless relationship because of a bad reputation, or even being forced into a relationship due to your crossdressing are common. These are the topics that make up this story. The characters are real, the setting is realistic, the plot is compelling, and you don’t feel like you’re taking a quick guess at what happens next. You know what’s going to happen and you’re not left hanging. which is why the story is so hot!

“Crossdresser Erotica” has a female lead character and I especially love her. She has a personality that’s completely different than any of the male characters in most crossdresser erotica novels. This female character has a mind and attitude that set her apart from the rest of the bunch. When things get heated, she can be very cool, but still manages to show her sexuality when it’s called for. Her character also has her own unique style. I think this is the best character of this genre I’ve read about.

If you’re looking for something a little more hardcore than what’s on the market right now, “Crossdresser Erotica” should be a big part of your library. I recommend it highly! You’ll want to read more of Jennifer Gevirtz’s work, too!

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