Space Planning For Interior Design

What exactly is Space Planning for Interior Design? This is essentially a fundamental part of the interior’s design process, a critical step in the process where you first determine the design and style of your space and then begin the process of designing your space in the most suitable way. How is this so important?

When deciding on the style and layout of a space, the key factors to consider include the size of the space and its general design, the amount of sunlight and the temperature of the space, as well as the amount of foot traffic and potential privacy, and of course, the number of visitors expected to come to the space. So if there is going to be a bar area and if it will also be accessible from the kitchen then there needs to be careful consideration of which areas of the room will be useful to customers, whilst still providing good lighting and enough storage space.

Another major element to look at is the positioning of furniture within the room. If you have a very large room or one with high ceilings, it may make sense to have your furniture placed towards the ceiling. However, there are certain areas of a room such as the corner of the room and in a home office, the corner is often the place to look for additional storage space. You may also find that the corners of the living area are not necessarily the best places to set up wardrobes and cupboards.

Once all of these factors are carefully thought through, then it is time to undertake space planning. To begin this process, you will need to make a drawing of your interior space using different elements such as walls, flooring, stairs, ceilings and doors. The drawing will then need to be sent out to professional interior designers who will then use this information to come up with the most suitable design for your space.

There is also the option of hiring space planning design professionals who will do this work for you. However, if you are looking for someone to do this job for free then you should consider asking friends and family who may have done this work before, as they will know the professional company. and the process is quite simple.

The results are usually amazing as once a professional interior designer has been involved the result can be phenomenal. With a little imagination, planning, some creativity and hard work, the results can be a completely amazing space you and your family will love.