The anime Sword Art Online Episode 3: “Ares Alive” Review

In the third episode of the second season of the American anime series Sword Art Online, “Ares Alive”, Asuka Claire returns from her travels to the Akihabara district of Japan and finds herself in the middle of the Sengoku Period of Japanese history. The Akihabara District, as it was during that period, was a center for the Sengoku period. There she meets a boy named Asuna, who is searching for information regarding the legendary swords known as the Seven Swords of Buddha. When the two first meet, Asuna explains that she is a Buddhist priest and that the swords are her sacred duty.

As the two become closer, Kuchiki Kara is killed and the two share an intimate moment. After they part ways, Kuchiki tells Asuna that he wishes to find the seven swords. When Kuchiki tells Asuna that she will not be able to find them until she has found the one responsible for his death, Asuna and Asuka decide to travel together to the town of Shinjuku, in order to find the person responsible for Kuchiki’s death.

While on their trip, Asuka meets another Buddhist priest, Ryukishi Hijiri, who also knows more about the Seven Swords of Buddha than Asuna. Asuka follows him to his home, where she finds the Seven Swords located on a wall inside. However, when Asuna tries to open the wall to get the sword, it suddenly disappears into the ground.

Later, Asuna comes back to the temple to retrieve the sword that was stolen by her friend. After the incident, Asuka gets in touch with Kuchiki Kara through the internet to inform him of the whereabouts of the seven swords. He then informs Asuna of what she must do in order to find the Seven Swords of Buddha.

Meanwhile, Asuna and Kuchiki Kara encounter the swords’ former owner, the man called Mephisto. Mephisto is a powerful being who has been living among humans since the early days of Japanese history, before he met Kuchiki. Mephisto claims that the swords were buried deep beneath the earth and are protected by the gods. Once Asuna and Kuchiki Kara travels back to Japan in order to find the swords, they are attacked by the evil Mephisto.

In the end, Asuna retrieves the swords, after saving Ashi from Mephisto’s clutches. After the episode, viewers can see that Kuchiki Kara and Asuna are still friends, even if the anime has ended. Kuchiki tells Asuna that she was the one who saved his life. and that he loves her.