A True Love Story

Mary Tachibana is the love interest of the main character, Setsuna. Mary is a famous anime and manga artist. In fact, she is an extremely famous anime character whose name is Mary Takagi. Mary is a genius artist who has all the abilities needed to make a living out of her art. She works in a studio near the beach where she can express her feelings easily.

As Setsuna is still young, he doesn’t want to marry. Mary understands this and when Setsuna becomes interested in her work, she tries to be there for him. However, Mary is too focused on her work that she doesn’t know what Setsuna wants.

When Setsuna tells her about his plan to meet someone else, Mary gets upset because she feels that she is not important. After this, Mary is very depressed and even refuses to go to the beach.

As Setsuna begins to talk more about his love life, Mary starts to understand that things can be different. Mary realizes that love isn’t just about lust. She thinks that love can be defined as a feeling of caring and respect that you feel towards another person. However, Mary thinks that love can also be defined as a kind of power that someone can gain by giving something valuable to someone else.

When Setsuna gives her a prized piece of his artwork, Mary realizes that she has been missing love. When Setsuna tells her that he will buy her anything she wants if she would like to go on a date with him, Mary decides to go on a date with him. Although she didn’t know about his plan, Mary realizes that it was a good thing to do.

Because of the date that Setsuna took her to, Mary got to learn more about love from him. After getting to know him better, Mary found that love is really important and that it’s just as important to her.

Although Setsuna and Mary fell in love with each other, they were separated when Setsuna left Japan to study abroad in England. Since she didn’t know how to move on with her life, she kept on thinking about what had happened during her relationship with Setsuna.

Mary eventually found a girl named Natsumi, who is in love with Setsuna. Although Setsuna is shy and clumsy, Mary decides to become a bit more outgoing and try out to find love herself.

Mary finally finds someone who she feels good about herself with and she starts dating her new partner. However, when it comes to finding out about his plans, she finds out that she can’t talk to him about the reason behind his heartbreak. Even though she can’t forgive him for ending their relationship, Mary accepts it and forgives him. After Setsuna realizes this, she forgives him and even forgives herself for being so stubborn and in denial.